LailaRaena, the other So Cal native of The Chainsaw Chicks and has been a “partner in crime” of Dominique’s since they were 14 years old. Raena was born to be a performer and a tough chick. At the age of 6, she was both dancing on stage a Disneyland and playing defense in soccer. Raena has a BA in Political Science from UC San Diego and a MBA for California Lutheran University with honors from both. She is also a proud member of the Sigma Beta Delta Business Society. She currently has two icy canines and is married to hot IceMan Keith. The perfect mixture of everything, Raena is an artist, performer, athlete, manager, business woman and soon to be mom of the youngest member of The Chainsaw Chicks. All of us are highly anticipating the arrival of our little mini-chicky in September (due on Dominique’s birthday!). Being awesome is in Raena’s DNA and we are very happy she’s passing it on. Let’s kick some Ice!